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Group Therapy can be helpful in conjunction with other types of therapy.  Because of the group dynamic, it is especially beneficial for those who lack support in their personal lives or want to enhance their interpersonal skills.  Contact us to find out more about these groups or to be placed on a waitlist.  


We currently offer the following groups:


Coping with Erectile Dysfunction facilitated by

Meghan B. Jerry, MFT

Are you struggling with the impact of ED on your

confidence and relationships?  This group is designed

to help men develop the skills necessary to cope with

ED in a supportive environment.

Pre-Marital Boot Camp facilitated by Meghan B. Jerry, MFT

Are you thinking about taking the next step in your relationship? This group is to help couples have the tough conversations in a safe and inviting space.


Relationship Refresher facilitated by Meghan B. Jerry, MFT

Could your relationship use a pick-me-up? This group will give you the skills to help rebuild your connection to one another.


Sexual Empowerment for Women facilitated by Meghan B. Jerry, MFT

Our culture is obsessed with sex and yet many of us still feel shameful about it. This group will help you empower yourself to embrace your sexuality.


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