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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be part of either individual therapy or relationship therapy. For many, sex can be a sensitive topic. At the same time, sexual and physical intimacy can be important to many to feel satisfied in their relationships. A sex therapist must provide a safe space to openly discuss sexuality. A therapist can help you understand how sexual challenges that stem from things like emotional disconnection, physical difficulties, and past traumas impact you and/or your relationships. Sex therapy can help you better recognize and understand your sexual feelings, preferences, attitudes, and work with your emotional and physical obstacles without judgment so that you can find space in yourself and your relationship to be more connected and intimate.

If you’re experiencing sexual challenges, pain, shame around sex, or if you and your partner feel you’ve lost that “spark,” sex therapy might be for you! Sex therapy can help you feel less shame, feel better in your body, understand your expectations around sex, and get past negative messages about sex that you may have heard from your family or the society you live in.

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