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Sex Therapy

Sex therapy can be integrated into either individual therapy or relationship therapy. For many individuals, sex is a sensitive topic, yet sexual and physical intimacy can be crucial for feeling satisfied in relationships. A sex therapist must provide a safe space for open discussion about sexuality. They can help you understand how sexual challenges stemming from emotional disconnection, physical difficulties, and past traumas impact you and/or your relationships. Sex therapy can also assist you in recognizing and understanding your sexual feelings, preferences, and attitudes, while addressing emotional and physical obstacles without judgment. This can help you find space within yourself and your relationship to foster greater connection and intimacy.

If you're experiencing sexual challenges, pain, or shame around sex, or if you and your partner feel you've lost that 'spark,' sex therapy might be beneficial for you. It can help reduce shame, improve body image, clarify expectations around sex, and challenge negative societal messages about sex that you may have internalized

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